Marriage, Civil partnerships, Estates, Leases, Owner Communities, Accident Compensation, Credit Claims, Hiring, overall negotiations, banking, etc …

Minor offenses, Quick trials, Traffic, Reports , Complaints, Fraud, Punishable Insolvencies, etc…

Incorporation of companies, modifications, mergers, division preparation and attendance at meetings, challenges and agreements. Commercial register formalities, bankruptcy proceedings, records, etc …

Urban development, partial plans, reparcelling, compensation boards, case handling and urban infractions, expropriations, management and valuation, etc…

Negotiations with Public Administration in general, administrative appeals, local, regional and state administration. Traffic, Health, Administrative cases, Consumer protection, etc …

Civil law

Credit claims, banking negotiations, matrimonial law, contracts, leasing, evictions, owner

Penal Law

Quick trials, domestic violence, fraud, misappropriations, punishable insolvencies, drunk

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We are experts in civil law, administrative, penal, urban planning, etc.

Our law firm

We are a multidisciplinary law firm, covering through our professionals and with the amplitude but required expertise, areas of Civil law (marriage, civil partnerships, estates, leases, owner communities, accident compensation, credit claims, hiring, general negotiations, banking, etc …), Real Estate Law, Penal (misdemeanor proceedings, quick trials, traffic, reports, complaints, fraud, punishable insolvencies…), Commercial (companies, bankruptcy proceedings, trade registry …), Fiscal and Administrative (administrative litigation, immigration, foreign investment …)

We present the legal team as an integral part of our society:

Lawyer Director of Bufete Trujillo.
Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Barcelona in 1982.
Graduate in Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Ourense in 2000.
Degree in Law from UNED in 2008. Master in Human Rights, specialization in Protection of Fundamental Rights in 2014. Expert in "Compliance" by UNIR in 2016.

  • We have native personnel and professionals, fluent in French, English, German, Russian and of course Spanish and Catalan.
  • We offer a permanent, personalized and competitive service.
  • Effectiveness, clarity, speed and confidentiality in defense of the interests entrusted to us are the basic characteristics of our professional practice.
  • Our customers are the most valuable asset to our organization.
  • Their trust and respect is the reward for our work, which is performed at all times with strict adherence to the ethical standards of our profession.

In addition, and to provide maximum guarantees, security and return on investment for our clients, we have an important real estate area with its constantly evolving personal portfolio that we develop in collaboration with leading financial institutions through the company GESTIOFINCAS CATALUNYA, SA (, a real estate agency owned by our firm.

Bufete Trujillo

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